1. Walk in the Word – This week, we announced to our staff an exciting pivot in the ministry of Walk in the Word. By summer 2019, WITW will be a digital broadcast ministry, moving away from traditional radio and TV. 70% of WITW’s audience is already engaged in digital platforms, and we can continue to serve them as we migrate others to digital. Given the direction of media consumption, we believe we can reach more people in a simpler and more cost effective way that scales to the next decade by going all digital. (FAQ on this decision)

2. 2018 Giving – We are greatly encouraged by our church’s generosity in December. While the numbers are still being totaled and mail is still arriving, it combines to be the strongest December we have ever had as a church in giving. Next weekend (pending Elder approval), we will communicate final 2018 numbers, in addition to our 2019 general fund budget and Q1 2019 Closer initiatives.

3. Winter Preaching – The next 12 weeks, we will journey verse by verse through the book of Colossians across all 8 campuses (by the end of the series 9 ☺- Lord willing), with Pastor James and the Lead Pastors cycling through different campuses. We are expanding the number of online sermon options to include all sermons preached (either video or audio) and adding additional resources to encourage further study. The series is called SATISFIED – Christ Fills Empty Hearts, and we are praying for that promise to be true in our church this winter.

All this to say, we are excited about the year ahead and grateful for your partnership.

Pastor James + Pastor Rick

The Lead Pastors (Jeff – Mo – Luke – Landon – Trei)