Hello Family,

This is Rick Korte and I’m happy to be back with you on all 7 of our campuses. On behalf of the Harvest 2020 team, I would like to take a moment to give you some details around what this team has been empowered to do, who has empowered this team, who this team is comprised of, our areas of focus and an update to each of those areas.

Parameters:  The Harvest 2020 team has been empowered by the Elder board to lead the recovery process with their full cooperation. This mandate has been again confirmed by the new smaller Elder board currently in place, as communicated to you on Thursday.

People: The Harvest 2020 team is currently comprised of 1 congregant, 2 staff members (1 Campus Pastor and 1 Senior Ministry Director), and 2 outside professionals. We will additionally have 1 elder from the reconstituted Elder Board on the team. We hope to finalize the total number of members of this team within the next weeks, and we will communicate that to you as soon as possible.

Areas of Focus: We are focused on five major areas: Financial Review, Leadership, Operational Structure, Reconciliation, and Communication. We are moving forward in each of these areas. These are our first steps forward:

  • Financial Review. In the past, the church has leaned heavily on reports from its current, independent outside auditors and the approval of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability. However, in an effort to verify that our church’s finances are and have been “above reproach,” we are hiring an additional independent accounting group to conduct a thorough financial review beginning in the coming weeks. The financial review will determine if there was any information that was not included in our annual audits. This will also include an extensive review of expenses involving our former Senior Pastor’s office.
  • Leadership. The church is in the process of securing an Interim Teaching Pastor as well as an Interim Executive Pastor. We are so happy that Pastor Dave Stone is back here to preach at our church this weekend. He has agreed to help us plan out our preaching calendar for the next few months. Also, he will be preaching here once in April and once in May. With Pastor Dave’s assistance, we are going to be hearing some top-notch preachers from across the country.
  • Operational Structure. We will take the next several months to review the church’s existing organization, governance, and culture and make recommendations to increase oversight, accountability, and transparency consistent with the high standards ordained by the Lord in Scripture. This includes a review of our Executive Leadership Team design and recruitment as well as a review of the Elder board structure using best practices for other large churches. In the coming weeks, we will be announcing a new, interim church leadership team replacing the existing XLT.
  • Reconciliation. Reconciliation is still a large part of what is happening and Pastor Greg Bradshaw has direct oversight of this process, together with a firm, which specializes in these matters. As of this past Thursday, already 5 reconciliation calls have been initiated with individuals who have been hurt, to invite them into the reconciliation process. We will continue to reach out to those that have been grieved by our church.
  • And finally, Communication. We are committed to transparency and open communication with the congregation on our progress, and we will update the church on our progress frequently. We are also currently working on an FAQ document soon to be released.

Vision Statement: Last week I asked you to give us some time to help move this church one step forward. God willing, we will have the same results next week. I am confident that Harvest will come out stronger as we move through this season of transition.

Thank you, family, for your patience, your prayers, your understanding, and your support.

The Harvest 2020 Team