Church Family,

Harvest has formed the new finance committee which met for the first time last week. The committee will be meeting on a regular basis and is responsible for providing oversight, reviewing budgets, preparing reports for the congregation, and making recommendations regarding fiscal policy and financial practices for our church.

We believe that the addition of congregants to this new committee strongly evidences our desire to strengthen your trust in our church finances by adding a level of accountability and integrity outside of church staff.

The committee members have experience and expertise in accounting, banking, investments, compliance, and business management. The committee consists of two elders, three staff members, and four members of the congregation recommended by our campus pastors.

This committee reports directly to the Board of Elders and includes the following members:

  • Michelle Smalenberger, Congregant, Rolling Meadows
  • Jeff Lucido, Congregant, Elgin
  • Richard Labib, Congregant, Elgin
  • Joe DeCort, Congregant, Aurora
  • Jeff Sharda, Staff: CFO
  • Kelly Altieri, Staff: Director of Accounting
  • Carl Barkow, Staff: Managing Director of Business
  • Tim Stoner, Elder
  • Darrin Weidman, Elder

As the finance committee makes decisions moving forward, we would covet your prayers that we would wisely steward God’s resources in a way that returns confidence to you regarding your sacrificial giving of tithes and offerings. Please thank those who have stepped into this voluntary role in overseeing stewardship of your giving. Also, please continue to pray for the elders as we meet weekly and strive to shepherd and lead our church in a way that brings glory and honor to Jesus Christ.

The Elders of Harvest Bible Chapel