Dear Harvest Family,

We are so thankful for how the Lord continues to meet us where we are as we’ve been online for our weekend service. As we meet in hundreds of locations across Chicagoland, we are focusing on the Lord in worship and in the preaching of His Word.

Lead Teaching Pastor Update

We wanted to update you on the status of our Lead Teaching Pastor search. Last month, Vanderbloemen presented the selection committee with the top candidates from their nation-wide search. Since then, the search committee has completed interviews with the top candidates. The Search Committee continues to work and has narrowed this search to a smaller group of candidates. There are more interviews scheduled in the near future to continue this process. Please pray for wisdom from above as we seek the Lord’s guidance in the selection of our new Lead Teaching Pastor.

Meeting Others’ Needs

The work of ministry at Harvest continues even though we haven’t been meeting on our campuses. We have been so encouraged to see our congregation rise to the occasion to meet the immediate needs of both those in our church as well as those outside of our church. God has made it clear that He loves the whole world. And that love is what motivated him to send His son to give his life as a ransom for many. As we now seek to show the love of God to our communities, it must involve that same impartial love for all people.

Outdoor Worship (and Prayer) Gatherings

But we know that none of the work of ministry we do will have an eternal impact without the Lord being in it. This is why we have to pray. We need to spend time not only individually in prayer but also praying together as a church family. This is why we have asked our Creative Team to include a time of prayer in the Outdoor Worship Gatherings that we are holding the next few weeks.

And for those who aren’t comfortable joining us at one of those events, we are asking you to call a brother or sister and pray together. Pray for the Lead Teaching Pastor search. Pray for clarity and wisdom. Pray for those in our church that have been impacted financially, emotionally, and spiritually by this season of COVID 19. And pray for God to continue to open doors of ministry for our church.

Whether you can join us for one of our Outdoor Worship Gatherings or not, what’s clear to us, is that we need to pray. Our church is turning a corner in many ways and we need God to be the One leading. We aren’t perfect people, but we worship a perfect God. We are asking God to show His strength in our weakness as we humbly get on our knees and seek the Lord together.

—The Elders of Harvest Bible Chapel