In our renewed commitment to communicate more and more often, here’s our latest update.

New Elders
We are really excited to add John Smith and Jeff Thompson as Campus Pastor Elders. They will be filling the roles previously held by Pastor Ed Ollie and Dr. Mike Vanlaningham, who has stepped back from being the North Shore Campus Pastor as planned. Both Jeff and John were recommended by fellow Campus Pastors, the board affirmed the recommendations, and both have agreed to fill the role.

On a similar note, Roger McCoy, our Lead Operations Pastor and Interim Lead Ministry Pastor, joins the elder board in the spot previously held by Pastor Greg Bradshaw. We look forward to the wisdom and experience they will bring as we work alongside them. Finally, the board has yet to determine the timing of replacing lay elders from our Chicago Cathedral and Crystal Lake Campuses.  You can find the current Elder Board on this page on the Harvest website.

Will you join us in prayer for these pastors as they begin to serve as elders?

Preaching Calendar
Looking toward studying God’s Word together for the remainder of 2020 and the start of 2021, here’s the approved preaching calendar for the coming weeks.

November 8 The Road to Reality (a study in the book of Romans), Pastor Jeff Thompson
November 15 The Road to Reality, Pastor Tommy Creutz
November 22 The Road to Reality, Pastor Jeff Thompson
November 29 The Road to Reality, Dr. Michael Vanlaningham

December 6 The Road to Reality, Pastor Eddie Hoagland
December 13 The Road to Reality, Pastor Eddie Hoagland
December 20 Christmas series, speaker to be determined
December 27 Christmas series, speaker to be determined

January 3 single message, Campus Pastors
January 10 Yes, I Will, Pastor Eddie Hoagland
January 17 Yes, I Will, Pastor Eddie Hoagland
January 24 Yes, I Will, Pastor Eddie Hoagland

We ask God to use His Word in our lives and our church through the messages on the weekends.
Preaching calendar updated 11/10/20.

Not Ashamed
So thankful for the clear presentation of God’s Word this past Sunday from Dr. Mike Vanlaningham who challenged us to be bold in sharing our faith from Romans 1:16–17. He shared the story of Diane, his high school classmate, who shared the gospel with him. The Lord used her boldness, the truth of the Word, and Mike surrendered his life to Jesus and received the gift of salvation. Diane was not ashamed of Jesus.

This past weekend, a woman who attends one of our campuses, Sue, was walking through the lobby and introduced herself to a woman she had not met before. They struck up a conversation and soon realized that they shared similar backgrounds. During that conversation, Sue shared the gospel with the woman who was new to Harvest. Once she heard the message of the gospel, the guest prayed to receive Jesus as her Savior right there in a lobby at Harvest on Sunday, November 1. Sue was not ashamed of Jesus.

May God give each of us boldness, like Diane and Sue, to tell the people in our lives the good news of the gospel. from John Smith, Campus Pastor and Elder, Rolling Meadows

Questions for the Elders
As always, we want you to know that if you have questions for the elders, please reach out to an Elder from your campus or send an email to gro.lepahcelbibtsevrahnull@sredle.

—The Elders of Harvest Bible Chapel