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Friends Together


Jesus wants us to love our friends. Jesus wants us to serve others. Jesus wants us to work together. And that’s what you did.

From the bottom of our hearts and on behalf of our new friends, thank you for partnering with other ministries and organizations as Friends Together.  Fifty miles or less from our homes, there are so many precious, beautiful families who needed just a little bit of hope and small amount of relief.

On your behalf and in the name of Jesus, that relief was delivered right into their front doors in June. Relief came in the form of food and other very practical, hard-to-find items that did not require a bus ride and long walks carrying heavy bags.

Relief came in the form of access to healthy summer outdoor activities. Over 170 baseball gloves have been delivered to City of Refuge Chicago and Stephanie Marquardt is ensuring each glove is on the hand of baseball players on the Westside of Chicago.

And relief came in the form of prayer which covered the families in areas that need the peace and presence of Jesus. So next time, when you head into the city on Interstate 290 and you pass the parks and homes, please remember to pray for these children and families. Please pray for the officers and community leaders. And please pray for how the Lord would have you continue to bring relief to these news friends.


This is a partnership to support the amazing and beautiful work that has been happening on Chicago’s Westside through our friend Stephanie Marquardt and City of Refuge Chicago.  You can read all about this amazing organization through this link. City of Refuge Chicago
We will be serving our friends who call the Westside home through the help and partnership of Sgt. Jermaine Harris and Chicago Westside Police and Youth Sports.  Instead of us telling you about this positive impact, please watch it for yourself right here. Watch video 


Here’s a few ways we can continue to help

1.      Sewing Project. We would like to sew a special patch on 200 baseball hats. If you can help with just 10 hats, please sign up here and we will communicate how you can receive this project. We are asking you pray for each person who will wear each hat.

2.      Donate $12 for a baseball bag. We would like to cover the cost for the 170 baseball bags. Would you be willing to purchase a bag for a child who plays on the Westside Police Youth Sports Teams? Click here and scroll down to “Sports Equipment”.

3.      Donate Tech Equipment or Expertise. We are looking for devices for students in the Chicago Westside neighborhood and for our Harvest families that may need a device for e-learning this fall.  Do you have a gently used device you no longer need and would like to donate? Or maybe you’re a tech expert and can help us give each device a check-up before we deliver? Please sign up here if you can help with a device or with your expertise.