How I came into a relationship with Jesus Christ
On March 28, 1973, I was sitting in Children’s Church in the basement of Mt. Prospect Bible Church when I heard the Holy Spirit call my name and open my eyes to my sin. I left the room with other children and sat on the back stairs, bowed my head, told God I was sorry and trusted Jesus for the forgiveness of my sin. In my early thirties, the Holy Spirit revealed to me that I knew a lot about others said the Bible said about Jesus, but I didn’t know it for myself. This experience was the beginning of an insatiable appetite for knowing God.

How I came to Harvest
Friends called my house for a year, every weekend, asking us to attend Harvest. We were burnt out on church and church experience. But they persisted. I never wanted to attend, but finally, after a year, my former husband insisted that I get dressed because we were going to Harvest. That was April of 1994. I started attending because of the clear teaching of God’s Word. I stayed because of the beautiful people.

What I do at Harvest
I am honored and humbled to serve the people of our church and community as the Senior Director of Campus Life and Harvest Kids.

Why I do what I do
I serve at Harvest Bible Chapel because God has asked me to do so and I love Him with my whole heart. I am honored to serve the Lord at this church and one day, when I stand before Him, I will not say “what you asked of me was too hard.” I am determined to do what the Lord asks of me, without complaining, through His power, with all my might, finding beauty and love in every season.

At Harvest since 1994
On staff since June 2007
Previous work Entrepreneur, business owner, professional corporate wife
Favorite verse Matthew 7:24-25, John 3:17, Psalm 18, Job 42
Married Widowed
Children I am blessed to be entrusted with five children: Justin, Lillian, Paige, Tommy, and Sofie Rose