When I was 24, God used the sudden death of my father, a pastor of the gospel, to open my eyes and see Christ clearly. I saw my mother and grandmother experience the peace that surpasses understanding (Philippians 4:7) but of course, I didn’t know that verse at that time. God continued tugging at my heart for approximately two weeks when the church held a memorial service in his honor and at some point, during the message I knew who Christ was and responded by receiving Christ as my Lord and Savior and being baptized shortly afterward.

I came to Harvest (Rolling Meadows) as a visitor in 2004, then a regular attendee at the Niles Campus beginning in 2008. I became a member in 2010 at Bell School (pre-Cathedral) and then continued to help launch the cathedral before returning to our home church at Harvest Niles.

I have served in various lay leadership positions including Small Group leader, Usher/Greeter team, Step 2 Ambassador, membership interviewer and now heading up the new Evangelism Outreach team for the Niles Campus.

I love Jesus and his people, but I have a heart for the lost. My joy comes when sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and I desire to reach as many people as possible for Jesus in this new role. I hope to have the chance to train and take to the field all those in our church who feel called to proclaim the gospel one person at a time.

For the last 24 years, I have worked for a large telecom/media company, holding various positions from engineering to managing large and diverse groups of construction employees in management and craft as well as outside vendors and contractors.

My favorite passage is Philippians 4:6-7. I am married to my amazing wife and better half Marisa and our children are Kristen, Melody, Alaina, Eric and I am soon to be a grandfather!