How I came into a relationship with Jesus Christ 
I grew up in a conflicted home where my mom faithfully followed Jesus, but my dad did not. Through the faithful witness of my mom and the clear presentation of the gospel by my Sunday school teacher, I accepted Jesus as my Savior at the age of 8.

For a number of years, I worshiped sports and chased that dream. But God in His faithfulness drew me back to Himself in my junior year of high school. He placed a call on my life to serve Him full-time which I have since I graduated from college.

How I came to Harvest
In January 2000, I attended a Children’s Pastors event at Harvest. That led to a conversation about my vision for children’s ministry. My vision aligned with what Harvest was looking for in their next Children’s Pastor. That led to an interview process that led to me joining the staff in June 2000. I served in several different roles at Harvest including Pastor of Children’s Ministry, Executive Director of Camp Harvest from 2002–2014, the Co- Campus Pastor of the Rolling Meadows Campus from 2008–2012, the Campus Pastor of the North Shore Campus 2013–2014 before the Lord led us to relocate to Phoenix in December 2014. In a story that only God could write, He brought me back on staff at Harvest in June 2018.

What I do at Harvest
I serve as the co-campus pastor of the Rolling Meadows Campus.

Why I do what I do
I love seeing the Lord make disciples through His church. Grateful I get to have a front row seat to His work in people’s lives.

At Harvest since June 2000
On staff since 2000-2014, 2018 to present
Previous work Associate Pastor in a church in the southwest suburbs
Favorite verse Matthew 5:16
Married to Sherri since 1991